New Zealand family traveling to Spain

Hi there,
I'm looking for guidance traveling with my two son's to Spain early next year March-May. I think we will head to Xabia or Denis at some stage but would like to check out several different areas. I'm quite the paranoid mother at the best of times and will even consider leaving the kids behind if it's to unsafe. My son's are 11 and 12. We only speak English -doh.

Spain is one of the most kid friendly countries in the world. I am not personally familiar with those 2 cities you have mentioned but in terms of society, it's a fabulous place for you and your family to experience. In some European countries, children should be seen but not heard. In Spain.... people love kids and they are quite included in everyday life, including night life. It's quite normal to see parents with their young children out as late as 11pm or even 12pm- of course depends on their child's routine.
The only safety issue you would need to be aware of is when you are in large cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and maybe Valencia, where crime is a little higher than NZ and Australia. It's still safe to go with your kids in these cities but if for instance you arrive really late by plane in these cities you would want to try arrive before 9pm and take a taxi to your accommodation. I wouldn't walk around after 10pm alone as a foreigner and not being able to speak Spanish.

As for not being able to speak any Spanish, there are really not many people who can speak or want to speak English. The English language education level in Spain is low compared to other western European countries. So just be prepared to have days where you might struggle and make sure you have google translate on your phone. Considering there is quite a of time before you plan to travel, I highly recommend you learn some very basic Spanish like numbers, greetings. Check out duolingo for the basics - an phone app which is really easy and fun.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask :)

We relocated to Spain from the USA 4 years ago and we choose to stay because it is so family friendly and safe.  We live in Almunecar and we also checked out the areas you mentioned.  This just ticked more of our boxes that is all, they were both lovely too.

Hi there.
What concerns do you have?  How long are you staying?

Oh, thanks guys. This is very reassuring. I was looking at the High alert government warning for travelers, it made me question bringing my children. We hope to stick to quieter villages but will spend a day in the big cities as well. We are staying about 2-3 months and will definitely need Spanish classes prior to arrival. My daughter can speak a little Spanish but the rest of us only know "Ola" which I heard isn't even used in some areas. I hope we don't get caught in the wrong toilet or something :)

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