Fiji- About mobile internet, Wearing Sulus and Sleeping kit price

Hi all

My name is Amelia (21) I am going to be moving to Fiji, Lautoka from Australia for 5 months to 1 year in February. I just have a few questions that I would appreciate being answered.

I need to have a sleeping mat (camping style), sleeping bag, pillow and mosquito nets while I am there. Just wondering what the average price of these would be and how accessible they are?

I am looking at getting some mobile credit while I am there. I have looked at some providers and noticed that you can get free Facebook in some instances. I'm just wondering if I did a hot spot on my phone and used my phones internet on my laptop, would I still get free Facebook?

This is a bit of a weird one, but I'm planning on wearing sulus often while I am there. Just wondering on what people wear under them?

If someone is quite knowledgeable in the culture of Fiji it would be great to keep in contact with you and hopefully help me transition into Fiji life well prepared.

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