Can I go on EXIT if family is outside Kingdom on Exit Re-Entry Visa?

Is it possible to go on FINAL EXIT if family is out on Exit Re-Entry Visa and its not expired yet?
Some people say its possible and some say I've to bring them here to issue Exit visa. Kindly advise.

(I think so)
Yes, you can go. Because your family is under your sponsorship so if you go on exit, your family's visa will be automatically cancelled.

But some says it will put them on 2 years ban in entering KSA again. Do you have any idea on that?

My family was outside KSA on a valid Exit Entry, I was in KSA and applied for my final Exit. As soon as my final exit was issued online, i received an SMS for my Final Exit Cancellation.  At the same time i received 4 more SMS's ,  2for my Wife and Son Exit Entry Cancellation  , and Again 2 for my Wife and Son Final Exit Visa Cancellation.

So, inshort Exit Entry Visa Cancellation and Final Exit of dependents are also issued along with their sponsor.

As soon as final exit is issued, your MOI account will be disabled.

After that i tried checking in online in MOI website, after entring my Iqama No etc , It showed final Exit Issued. but for my dependents it's didn't show any info.

I don't know if your dependents will be banned for 2 Years, I have read some comments, but personally i don't think it's logical.   As soon as your issued final exit your company PRO/Mandoob will give you a Paper along with all the Iqama's , Keep a copy of them for your records. Immigration personal at the airport didn't take it when i gave it to him.

Hope it helps.

Dear Yousf,

I don't know when it happened to you but right now, one of my friends at Khobar is trying to get an EXIT while his family is out of the Kingdom with EXIT RE-ENTRY (still valid) visa but his office said, "its not possible".
Now, he's also going on EXIT RE-ENTRY but wont come back. Eventually, it will put him and his family on 2 years ban. Its the latest news.
So, most probably, I'm going to ask my family to come here before I leave.

I would pay a visit to Jawazat and ask them myself.

@Ehtesham: Please do let us know what they say.

The family members on exit re-entry visas can be issued final exit visa while they are not in the country.

The thing is: someone has to do it. It doesn't go automatic. Usually your HR has to do it online and give you their exit papers. You have to submit their Iqamas to your HR. This will prevent the automatic ban for all dependents.

This is exactly what happened with @yousf84 as he wrote above.

So, make sure your family members' iqamas have been cancelled along with yours; before you travel out.

Hope this explains.

Thanks. I'll re-check with my HR then.

@ Upal / TLL ,

1. I have gone through this process   10-15 days back.

2. I have got the cancellation paper only for myself. It doesn't mention any dependent name. My HR had only asked me for the Dependents Iqama, but he didn't go to Jawazat Office or any Gov office, He did everything online within minutes. I had seen my PRO loggin to the  Muqeem Website to cancel it. My PRO was always confident that as soon as my Iqama is cancelled it will automatically take care of other things.

@TLL :  As i have mentioned in my last post I got an SMS that my dependents ERE is cancelled as well as the  FInal Exit is Issued , Does that mean my dependents have No BAN ?  Because when I'm checking online on MOI portal ( Not my MOI Account which got blocked) , it showed only Final Exit Issue for my Iqama Number, But didnt show any message for my dependents ? Do you have any info about it ?


I have shared my views and comments on this privately and publicly on this before. As Yousf says - its illogical or logical to think that once your iqama is cancelled or given final exit your dependents (since you are the sponsor) can be cancelled while they are not here or will be automatically cancelled.

But since we live in a very "logical" country that accepts all matters logically, I am not so sure about this process. I have seen employee suffer - who gave exit for their family while they were out  - and tried reissuing visa for them later again. I myself had my family's iqama renewed while they were out of KSA, logic demands that I be able to give them exit also the same way.

However, there are few unresolved complications that might occur here, a valid medical insurance policy , a valid ERE , and in most cases the iqama validity date remains active in such cases for a lot of people if not given exit while within KSA.  A typical response got for one staff was how come your wife's iqama date is valid still - this even after he gave final exit.

So the process may work out fine, and I sure hope you have everything done clearly , and hope you wont get into any future complications - yet I am still in KSA and there are few things I am still not sure about or trust even after my 16 yrs of stay here and one of them is this process.


Thanks for your response. I agree with you whatever we think is logical or illogical doesn't make any difference.

1. In my case i had received cancellation of dependents ERE from MOI as SMS.
2. I had also received 'Final Exit Cancellation ' SMS for dependents.
3. My dependents Iqama will expire within next month.
4. I will ensure the Medical Insurance policy is cancelled for dependents.

Does above guarantee i won't face any issue in future.?
Is the Ban or the issue which you colleagues have faced is only for 2 Years ? or it can go beyond that as well ?

Your response is always appreciated.

Dear Yousf,

The issue was not just specifically related to MI, some cases it was while in other cases it was due to the fact that their iqama was still valid in system.

Lets say in your case you cancelled the iqama now and got SMS confirmation that its cancelled, however how do we know if in the system the validity of the iqama is not cancelled or they have cancelled it altogether.  I had a case where the employee came to know that the family's iqama dates were still valid in system when checking from Saudi Embassy outside and they couldn't get the new visa issued again.

There is no guarantee in this process that you do that you wont face any issues and this is my point. And the reason is since this is not the normal way to exit.  The ban they faced was for 2 yrs only for dependents.

Dear Upal,

I am almost in a similar situation. Could you please let me know if you were able to get their final exit's done without them returning ? or they had to come back for the processing ?



Can anyone else having experience or up to date information on this can share their update?


i send my family exit reentry i have plan no need bring them already submitted my family iqama to jawazat but still appears abshir please advise

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