Resignation letter- they are asking for offerletter

Hi just want to ask. i finish more done 1 year to mu company , 1 yr 2 months to be exact, and gave my resignation letter on my HR then this HR manager told me to give the copy of my offerletter,
my question is, it is allowed to give the offerletter? then next i gave already the copy and he came back to me again asking for the original offer letter, and told me that he will not give the mobility if i didnt give the letter.. it is that right?

Dear it's absolutely wrong Your HR didn't has right to ask for appointment letter.
may be he will contact your new company and do something wrong ....

Anyway here the thread you can read in detail from there

thank you! and one last question and he accused me im lying coz im sayong my new company is 4 star hotel and he knows its not he told just only apartment and i said did you read my offer letter its written there upcoming 4 star why should i lie.. what i will do in this case.?

Look have you completed your notice period according to your contract or not.
If you completed your notice period then no need to be afraid.
No one has right to stop you.

I agree - you don't have to give your current employer anything other than the notice as per your current employment contract.

All other requirements they ask are simply to make it difficult for you.

hi can i ask if you finish 1 yr and 2 months and you resign in the company, you can recieve an indemnity for that? even they didnt terminate you, you just resign still indemnty is applicable?

Farhaz has replied to your query below. *Post Edited.

LogicalIndian - I believe the eligibility criteria for indemnity starts from Day1.

So I believe nhei is entitled to indemnity.

I have reproduced the relevant Article of the Labour Law:

Article (116):
A worker who is not subject to the provisions of the Social Insurance Law shall be entitled upon the termination of his employment to a leaving indemnity at the rate of half month’s wage for each of the first three years of employment and one month’s wage for each of the following years in service. A worker shall be entitled to receive his leaving indemnity for fractions of the year in proportion to the period spent in the employer’s service.

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