Art class in Cremieu, Isere near Lyon. Any other English speakers?

Hi am currently in Cremieu , isere , quite near Lyon X I'm looking for an art class and to make contact with other English speakers in the area

Please search the CLASSIFIEDS section.

Good luck

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi Cristobel. I'm not far away from Cremieu--near Bourgoin-Jallieu--and am also looking for art classes. Did you find anything for adults?

Hi bee ,
That's fabulous ! 👏👏maybe we can meet up ? My neighbour told me to ask at the Mairie but I confess I haven't got round to it yet x will get back on the case and let you know x what kind of drawing/painting are you interested in ?
Best wishes
Christobel xx

Hey Christobel! That would be great! We wanted to move to Cremieu, but it was difficult to find a house! I don't think our Mairie has much on offer, but I'll double check. I'm interested in painting -- any, really. I just want to get back into it. I like abstract, but I also portaits...hmm anything!  What about you?
I have been toying with the idea of creating a meetup group in BJ to get a language exchange going out here, too!

Hi Bee that sounds a great idea ! I'm more wishy-washy water colours - botanicals especially . I also like abstract and drawing too x but, like you I want to get back into it , so don't mind x I haven't checked our mairie yet but will x I go back to uk 🇬🇧 on Tuesday until 9th Dec x shall we meet up after that  or would you prefer to wait until after Xmas ?

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