Visiting Vietnam- Concern about Power outages, Internet and Rental


I currently telework for a US firm full time. I plan to take visit Vietnam for three months on a tourist Visa while working my full time job in Vietnam. However, I have some concerns that I hope you guys can help me out with.

1st concern.
Do you think I'll be able to rent an apartment or condo in Vietnam if I don't have a work visa or Vietnamese citizenship?

2nd concern.
Does power outages still exist in Vietnam? Is this still the case? I will be working from 6 PM to 2 AM Vietnam time due to the time differences. Unsuspected power outages will prevent me from working and will cause my boss to question why my job performance. Does power outages occur during this time?
If it does go down. How long does it last?
When the power goes out, does it also affect the internet lines as well? Will I be able to get back online if I use a power generator to power up my internet modem/router? I'm not too keen on the infrastructure in Vietnam; I want to find out if I should invest in a power generator to counter the power outages.

3nd concern.
This question is related to internet connection speed and the most important to me because it is directly related to my livelihood. Can someone let me know what speed or types of internet connections are available in Vietnam at the moment? My job requires me to be on a fast and stable internet connection. The tools that I will be using required a lot of bandwidth so I'll need a connection of over 30 Mbps down and 5 Mbps upload. Can anyone recommend a fast and stable internet connection that will allow me to work in Vietnam? I will need to be able to connect to the US via a secured VPN connection to perform my work. Can I sign up for internet service if I'm not a Vietnamese national?

Thank you in advance.

Nothing is guaranteed. If you prepare for back-up you might be fine.

Search for some recent news about Vietnam's undersea internet cable breaks.

Your 3 concerns can be overcome with planning and patience.

Agreed.    Backup and Common sense is all you need.

       (Please?) be (very!!!) aware our power here is 220 volts, NOT 110!!!
           ..plenty of fried laptops here prove this point...
                                  ..bring or buy power converters!!!

1.   Accommodation is not a problem.   Only money is required  (smile)

2.  Power outages are (very) rare now, and the infrastructure is improving.  Rapidly.

3.   A recent post (24th August)  by dudumomo
           covers all your concerns re internet access & speeds.                 
                      Here's the link: … d%3D603241

Thank you so much for the awesome advice. I don't understand Vietnam enough to come up with a good plan if any.
The only plan that I have now is a generator and a mobile phone with a fast network connection to use in case of a power outage. Any recommendation on what is the best pay as you go plan for data connection?

They are all (very) competitive.

I use Wi-Fi (free everywhere)  and a mobile broadband modum as backup.
(tested but still unused)     Suss out the carriers for the best deal to suit you.
  I pay 70,000 dong for 30 days @ 7 GB.   (Viettel)   Never use it.   ($3)

Again, power outages are (very) rare, and my laptop battery has only been
used twice in 2 years on road trips outside (any) built-up area.   
  Even the smaller villages have Wi-Fi.   And petrol stations are everywhere.

Trust me: you won't (ever) use a generator.    Viet Nam is streets ahead of
the so-called  'First-World'  countries when it comes to primary services.

You WILL be surprised.   To see just how good it is to be here...     :idontagree:

Thank you so much sir. You've eased up my mind regarding my most important concerns. I cant wait to come back.

I've been in Hanoi about 3 months now. I haven't had a power outage or loss of internet during that time, even though we've had some hellious storms here recently.


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furuyahouse :



500usd for a room, you're kidding aren't you?

Plenty of (serviced) rooms for $120-150.   Nice try, but...     :happy:

Deng they already trying to scam me even though I haven't step foot in VN yet.

Yes, ..your first (and most important?) lesson..?

The Latin, Caveat Emptor  (let the buyer beware)   ..has been around
for about two and a half thousand years...

We live; we learn.   Look before you leap (etc)

Common sense applies everywhere.

Viet Nam is not an exception.            :blink:

tl:dr If you are going to Saigon (you didn't specify city?) then get an airbnb in D1 or D3. Do your work at a coworking facility in D1 or D3.

I have been in Saigon for over a year, a tourist visa is fine for renting apartments. Never had a power outage.

My experience is you will have a difficult time finding a short term apartment esp if you don't speak Vietnamese bc landlords don't generally speak english. Apparently short term 'rooms' exist per furryhouse and bazza, but you said apartment.

25MB download is the fastest I have had; it varies a lot. Periodically the internet slows down due to sharks biting cables. The service provider will be whatever the landlord gives you. Possibly you could order custom service for 3 months, dunno.

Thank you so much for the suggestion sir. The working space would be the best choice for me, but unfortunately they don't open after 10 PM. I need to work from 6 PM - 2 AM due to the time differences. Thank you.

No i am not kidding. The price USd500/month all included: bills, mineral water, cleaning service, laundry service...

It would want to be a magnificent room for that price, I rent a whole house fully furnished for 350usd.

Hi Colinoscapee,

I just  arrived in Saigon few days ago, what is the district/area you renting? Do you know if there is one available? Thanks, TT

I don't live in Saigon anymore, but if you are looking for a house get a local to search the internet sites for you.

For the power outage, best will be to be prepared...
This year I got 3 power outages (I live in D1 near the canal). The last one was at 10PM and lasted for 30mn probably.

The interruption is one thing, but such outage can also cause damage to your equipment. I'm planning to purchase a UPS then. (APC Back UPS).

For internet, you got my previous post already:
that has hopefully answered your questions on internet in VN.

Overall, should be no problem.

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