Getting OEC in Philippines? Want to go back to Bahrain

I ask only if possible i can oec here in philippines ..because my previous employer send me back in philippines because they know i want to resign and they dont want me to release ...and until now my visa is not cancel ..and i want to come back bahrain ..thank you


sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation, but if your visa is still not cancelled no one else can apply for a new visa, it will be rejected unfortunately.

you can check the status here:

good luck.


i cannot come back in that visa?? ..then when i come back in bahrain i have job already and i can get new visa new employer can talk to my previous employer ..


Yes if your visa is valid you can travel to Bahrain no issues with that, regarding OEC kindly refer to this post

i guess OEC is a must to exit Philippines.


If ever i get oec they will call my employer ..because i dont want they know i will come back ..and i dont have contract with me ..only the visa and CPR ..its ok i can get oec?

Unfortunately i would not be able to answer this since i am unaware of the OEC process.

Its best that you refer this question to the OEC issuing authorities back in the Philippines. They probably have seen cases similar to yours in the past and may know exactly how to resolve your case.

Good luck.

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