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I am from the philippines who is converted to islam and submitted to the court of saudi arabia and married to a non muslim filipina. Is our marriage certificate from the court is valid in the philippines or how can i cancel my marriage here in saudi arabia?
Pls i need your advice

Start by asking your wife if she wants the divorce.

After that, legal sites I've just checked out suggests your marriage is legal and recognised in the Philippines.
As law in that country makes divorce almost impossible, you have a likely problem unless you divorce in Saudi.

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A Muslim wedding involves the Groom being a confirmed Muslim, that being indicated by saying the declaration of faith as part of the procedure.
Once you'd recited that in front of two Muslim men, you're officially a Muslim with no get out clause.
The bride does not need to be a Muslim for the marriage to be legal.

In taking the oath, but you've let yourself in for any laws or rules that apply to Muslims in that or any country that operates separate laws or rules for Muslims and non Muslims.
(That would apply in Malaysia for instance - You would have to follow the separate rules laid down for Muslims as you're a Muslim, so any other course would be illegal).

You can't get a divorce in your home country easily, so you're probably better doing it in Saudi, but you will have to follow their laws and their assumption that you're a Muslim.

There could be a temptation to simply ignore the whole thing and pretend you were never married at all as there is little chance your home country officials would ever find out about it, but that would be illegal and could leave you with big problems if the events were to come to light, so not a very good idea.

The best advice would be to check out Saudi laws and norms concerning divorce and take it from there.
A quick check suggests this is likely to be an easy matter, but there seems to be a clause insisting you take financial care of your wife. This is in line with strict Islamic law, so there's a reasonable chance my limited information is accurate, but please check.

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