Invaluable advice for potential expats!!

I'm thinking about the on line visa. Getting the Visa at the border was a pain when I did that a few years ago.

To answer some of my questions … -insurance
says that my Vietnamese blue Liability Insurance Card and Insurance should be valid in Cambodia … -operation
While aimed at commercial drivers this list of the required paperwork seems to answer some of my questions

Documents to be available in vehicle for inspection during transit operation

Vehicle Registration Certificate
Vehicle Inspection Certificate
Third Party Liability Insurance Cover for Vehicle
Consignment Note/Waybill
Custom Transit Document for the Goods (Transit Accompanying Documents (TAD)
Carrier’s License /Transport Operator’s License/ Business Registration Certificate
Any other documents required by your Customs Administration.
ASEAN goods vehicle cross-border permit
If any of these documents are in a language other than English, it has been agreed that a valid translations must be provided on request by enforcement authorities along the designated routes selected.

Please note that there would be single or several enforcement authorities depending on the country of departure, transit and destination. In case of infringement committed, local laws and regulations where the infringement was committed will prevail.

My best current guess is that for the Jeep and I to live in Cambodia, the solution is for the jeep and I to drive back to Viet Nam every six months for  a vehicle inspection.

from Cape Town.  Been living in Swellendam for 4 years now.

I'm here in PP for 2 weeks exactly now...Just wanted to add to previous posts about every single place we could try to live having its own challenges and the best things to pack in your luggage are positivity, respect and a flexible attitude. I think if you can't carry those with you its hard to last anywhere long term. And yes despite my very short 2 weeks here, I have lived in the US, Italy, Canada and Iceland and just most recently a one year stint in London. Every place I have lived I've seen prostitution and experienced power cuts. I'm nervous for when things will be challenging here of course and there is an awful lot I dont have sorted out yet. I got offered a job and moved in 3 weeks...with 2 young girls! But forums like this will help me learn, and I can't imagine the purpose of a forum where people are only sharing information privately.  Good evening :-)

Hi Cindy, im torontonian,  and heading to siem reap for dec, and then march, 2017-18...any heads up on apartments , studio flats looking online...loads of hotels...looking to rent bikes for 1-2 months...cheers,
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Check Helen's Home conveniently located in Tapul. If they have a vacancy for a month,
It’s a good deal at $160. You can walk to almost anywhere in 15 minutes. Mini kitchen
area, full bath and comfortable bed in an almost new building. Check Facebook or
contact me.

Thank you for info , my apologies

Hi landen , great info will contact Helens home ! Really looking forward to spending time inSR cheers M

Cindy, I'd certainly like to find out about your views and experiences.

I lived in HuaHin, Thailand in the 2003-2004 (about 20 months). It's not the LOS, that's for sure.

I'm wondering about Cambodia ..

Would love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance,

PS I had my email address included in this, then I questioned if this is a public or private message.

Being a newbie isn't so great. I would wish to delete my post, but the time has run out for that.
I have read more since I posted and would now choose to refrain from negativity.

There are infinite more lessons to learn.

I love SR and have a family there who has stayed in contact with me. I am looking forward to my return there early November. I'm also compiling a list of other interesting towns and small cities to explore. <3 Cambodia.

I have 5 months to play with, so will do a bit of travel, but Cambodia is my focus this year.

   Your a straightshooter. Wish I knew you. We'd certainly hit it off. Headed to PP next month and gathered as much. But to hear it is pretty cool. Tony  lol

Hi AndreaJonas

Thanks for your priceless info on Cam. I'm from Cape Town and am seriously thinking about a year in Sehanoukville or Koh Rong Samloem. Any advice that you could share will be absolutely magic. Especially on accommodation and living expenses: Is it much more expensive there than in Cape Town? I will not be working over there and the $'s scare me a bit. I will arrive with 2 very precious Oriental Cats and would like to live in a small apartment overlooking the ocean. Any comments will be hugely appreciated, thanks

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