Please I need advise on house maid service?

As a maid am I not allowed to have a rest of privacy
How many people am I to serve under a roof
Am I not to have a week day off
And can I chose to go to church on Sundays
Please kindly read my quest of details so that you can advise me efficiently thank you.
I flew from Ghana to Kuwait almost four months ago my visa was supervised under sponsorship actually my passport, contract and police report document is with them. At first I was told to work at seven am to two pm then have a two hours rest, time for closing is of no limit some times it ends at twelve and a plus minutes but lasted for only five days. I serve up to ten people in a two story building not to mention the hardness of the work especially when they all required your services at a go, I am talk to at any how either I am at fault or not and now I am urged to rest in the kitchen in other to open the gate for incomings and also hither to madam's call in excuse that it helps not to miss a call or a bell ring hence I am forbid to sing even in a lower tone or do any passionate of mine in the house save it in my room which is closing time and the a/c in my room is broken for almost one month and some days which they are aware of, last they asked me to sleep in the hall after it is clear and usually they sleep around two to three am so I wondered where I'd be before sleeping time I ignored and fight the heat in my nights sleep, ever since my stay throughout the strenuous work in Ramadan I hadn't been issued or given a day off  and now I want to attend church but I don't know if I have the right to it. Though I dug my head in online research and it talks of domestic workers right but I don't know how efficient this is because I am determined to urge both my agent and boss to ensure my rights are served. That's why Is I need some advise in other not to make any decision that will put me at risk.
Thanks for the help already.

Hi dear

Im so sorry to hear that.

From what I know, it's on the laws that you shall have one day off. And you are free to do whatever you want with it.

You can go to church, it's totally okay.

Now how to fight for your "legal right", that's an issue i would love to get feedback from others as i am not sure how you can do it.

          Thanks a lot I appreciate your kindness. I don't know if it is silly of me to handle it this way.
I intend to ask my boss to permit me just only Sunday for church service and if she agrees not I will ask to be taken to the agent's office or call him with the same intention and if agreements ceased to reach then during Fridays and Sundays I will do no work in the house.
Or with every possibility reach to my country's embassy office to help with my issue.

Hi there

First off I am deeply sorry that you are going through all of this. Unfortunately while not all employers like that but it still happens a lot..

May I ask what did your contract list? Did it LIST that it is possible for you to have a day off? That's important.

Frankly.. even if it didn't. It is your employer's complete fault for not allowing you to have some break and freedom nor to even have a little rest. This is very inhumane of them.

While our lovely "Mari" goes to the church every a couple of weeks or so (her choice.. she does not like going weekly) but to us she is beyond entitled to have just a day off. We treat her exactly like we want to be treated and to us she is a member of our family.

Now.. are you able to change your employer? If so, how exactly? To be honest it has never happened in our house before but it recently did in a family member's house. She just figured that she does not want to be a baby sitter for their new babygirl and next thing I heard was that she got back to the office..

I was rather flabbergasted to be honest because she had done it twice. At first she didn't want to then she changed her mind then she said she really does not want to anymore.

To be honest.. if they're not even bothering to fix your a/c and putting you into so much pressure constantly is not even worth asking them for a day off.

You deserve so much better.
Please update us.

I wish you well~

Hello Dana,
Thanks for stopping by it means a lot.
Yea in my contract it makes no certainty of a day off or resting period but what I know is I signed in the name of being a worker so I thought I will be treated fairly as the country's law stated about domestic workers rights.
And to get tranfer to another house is too much risk for me because most of the house might even be worse then my current situation plus the years start all over again. If not I would have considered it. Any way I will update the outcome of my case so that it might serve as an experience. Once again thank you.

You have legal rights, according to Kuwaiti law and you should know them.

Domestic workers, such as yourself, have limits as to work hours, days off, etc.

In light of the recent reports of Kuwait being at the bottom of expats' assessment of the quality of life and the government's response that it isn't right because of all the laws and treaties that are here to protect workers, you should know what protections you have.

If the agency who brought you here hasn't explained them, then find out for yourself.

You have the right to be a person of employment, not a slave to these people.  Sadly, that is how many Middle Eastern families view their workers.

Hi there

Any updates? Did you talk to your employer Did they fix the a/c?

And did you decide what you are going to do?

I wish you well,

Hi, Dana sorry for the lateness sometimes I feel lazy to write.
                Almost a week had I ask the only person I can speak English with to translate my quest to his mother. I waited three days with no reply so I asked again, he said his mother agreed to it but there's only one church in Kuwait and is very far from home so when she get time she will take me there. Now the puzzles is did the boy even told his mama, did the woman really agreed maybe a gentle way to say no or the boy did just made this up so that I will be fed up in waiting and give up but I guess I have to wait for maybe three months and if nothing then I will see what to do and about the ac I was told it is unfixable just only this morning had the operator called me but did not say anything particular so think I'm gonna have to wait for a bit while.
Thanks for asking.

Hi mister stretch I appreciate your concern and I can't argue with you both the agent and my boss are inhumane, all they do is to fool innocent people and force them to their demands, I really wish there's a proper way to address this issue by the government. At least they should alight something like a hotline or maybe email address for such cases, casting my eye around I don't know how to break loose from this treaty actually I feel helpless and a fool to travel to such land how I wish my years will end soon.
Thanks Mr.

Exactly. I wouldn't trust the kid either. High chance he could be lying of course.

Wouldn't a Google translator work or something!?  :/ if she can't explain she could always type her response in Arabic.. anything but the kid..

I hope they'd change the A/C for you as soon as possible.

Yes do update us. I'm sending you a private message today :)


I'm really sorry for you. I know that sorry isn't gonna help you but it's the only thing i can do.

It is so kind of you to at least say sorry to the poor me. Thank you very much.

Hello to everyone here especially dana
Um my ac had being replaced yesterday but I hate the noise it makes I'm hoping it will last long.
And after thinking harder I realized is the agent I have to tackle for answers and also ensures I am justify by the law
I called the office yesterday and they said they will call me latter so I'm waiting till Monday and I have talk to my senior brother at home he says I should go ahead and he will support me at all cost all it takes is to make a compliant either home or here if they disagreed with me
Because before coming here I made a police report at home so he says he will start from there but all it takes is for me to be bold.
Anyways thank you all for your support.
                                      From deep in my heart I appreciate your contribution to my problem.

Weeks ago I asked both the agent and my sponsor to give me a day off to at least go to church or what ever, they said there's no rules like such in Kuwait, I urged to end the contract which I am gonna have to pay for the visa fee or refunds also book of flight by me and beside I can only terminate it after a year I am very prepared to end this service for good the treaty is so inhumane, but I have no will to pay for a thing well if the time comes I will know how it goes according to them and also according to the law. So that's how it goes

No such rules?

"Kuwaiti legislators’ adoption on June 24, 2015, of a new law giving domestic workers enforceable labor rights is a major breakthrough that should lead other Gulf states to take similar action. Kuwaiti authorities should rigorously carry out the new law and address remaining legal and policy gaps that discriminate against domestic workers and put them at risk.

The law passed by Kuwait’s National Assembly is the country’s first regulating the labor rights of domestic workers. The country has an estimate of more than 660,000 such workers, most of them women from Asia and Africa. The Kuwait newspaper, Al-Jarida, published the text of the new law, which grants domestic workers the right to a weekly day off, 30 days of annual paid leave, a 12-hour working day with rest, and an end-of-service benefit of one month a year at the end of the contract, among other rights. " … ic-workers

Thanks Mr.
So what about the part that says no protection keys, do you think I stand a chance to use this law while I am still under their roof or I can sue them later. To be frank I am confuse because to me the law is fetal in Kuwait with no grounds to hold me up but no matter what I won't let them get away this


Check this article and DO get in-touch with the  lawyer who posted it (e-mail is mentioned at the bottom of the article) as far as I know this guy does some Pro bono consultation.

Best of luck :)

MisterStretch, reading this made my day!~ There is indeed hope after all. I find myself to be thinking way too much about these kind of things.

I hope we will get more similair laws in Kuwait!

Thank you!! *big grin*

Ms Dana ,

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Ms Dana ,

Good eve,
This is aki/aya ,

Can you still remember someone using annonymous27k? I sent you a message , pls read it . I hope to hear your response , my other account was hacked already and i have to make new for me to be able to message you again .. Pls pls .. Response , thankyou

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