Moi kaikille! Finnish Language student looking for language teacher

Olen suomenkielen opiskelijan ja haluan tavata muuden ihmiset, joka voi auttaa minua opiskelemassa Suomea.

Sorry if my finnish is not too good, I have been studying the language for 8 months now in preparation for my move to Finland by the end of the year. So I'm looking for some friends who can help me sharpen up my skills so I can communicate better. I'm really excited to go there, and I wouldn't want any communication barriers in keeping me from experiencing the what the country has to offer.

Thanks in advance, contact me here so we can chat!

Hello and welcome to agaaquino029 :cheers:

You could also drop an advert in our Language classes in Finland to reach out to members subscribed.

Wish you all the best in your upcoming adventure :top:


Thank you so much, will try there!  :D

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