Looking for Iranian children to play with my daughter

My daughter is five years old, and fluent in Farsi.  She would like to meet with Iranian children of her age to play with them and also practice her farsi.

i lives in rehab and i know someone :)

Please put me in touch with them...Do they also live in rehab?

they were in my daughter kindergarten it was in tagmo3,may u ***

I have heard about them before,...are they the one working in WHO

maybe,but i just tell what i know :)

If you have their contacts, you can give them an idea...Most probably they are the same family i have heard about..


i know someone in the kindergarten, to tell u this issue,
*** :)
good luck :)

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thanks for your help..If they are the family working in WHO, then, i have a friend who knows them and will put them in touch with me..If not, I will be glad to know more about them..

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