I'm new in Muscat.. from South Africa*

Hi* I have been teaching English in SA for many years and .. now I am here!
I understand there are many South Africans here - I am looking forward to getting to know some.
I'm part of the "wiser" generation...  :)

Hey! My name is Yusra and I am living in Muscat al khoud.. Would you like to be friends

Welcome in Muscat

first welcome to muscat :)
em not south African but would you like to be friends :)

Hi there,

Also a fellow "saffa" :)

Have you met many of the guys out there? I'm moving to Muscat in Jan 2017. What's the general age group of the South Africans over in Muscat, Oman?

P.S I'm married by the way, just looking fro other South African couples to meet and socialise with.


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