Where to live in Canada?

Hi everyone,  may I know which best place to live in Canada, as I wish to work over there too.. any suggestion ? Thank you


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Hi fellow Malaysian,

Canada is a big country - so vast that each different city has its benefits and also set backs. At the end of the day you want to ensure that you have an opportunity to make a living wherever you live no matter if that means you are going to work for someone as an employee or you're own business person (an entrepreneur). Naturally, bigger cities tend to have everything for everyone when it comes to work opportunities. However bigger are also the places where your way of live tends to be stuck to the grind - if you commute to work alot then its kinda same with in Klang Valley, 1-2 hrs one way to work in the morning and the same amount to time heading back. I don't know about you, but I cannot live that life. I therefore chose to live in a smaller city like Halifax. 20 min max is all takes to get to work on a bad day, 10 mins on a good day and that's from the burbs to the downtown core. You can never get that in Toronto or Vancouver. So yeah, it depends on what you want.


=) thanks !!!  :)

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