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Please help me figure this out. Im already here in bahrain for a year but my employer was not able to renew my visa so i have expired visa for 2 months now. If ever i decided to go home in the philippines, will i face problems at immigration in the airport? What do you think is the best that i should do? Thank you in advance


I think the best thing to do is contact LMRA immediately and inform them about the situation, its clearly your employers mistake who should have tried to renew the visa on time, if LMRA is not giving you a favorable response kindly contact your embassy and ask for advice.

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Call Center +973 17506055

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Thanks for responding.
I tried contacting lmra and immigration. Immigration Office told me only the sponsor can request for the extention of my grace period. One more problem i have is i cant trust the sponsor since i dont want to stay with the company. Im just worried that if i decided to leave Bahrain.  I will be stopped by the immigration at the airport. Hope you can help me figure this out

First of all if the airline checks your visa status at the airport checkin counter they would definitely not allow you to go ahead and I dont know what would be the response at immigration if you get passed the airline checkin since you are trying to exit the country with a expired resident permit. I would suggest you contact your respective embassy and seek advice

If anyone else here has information on the same i am sure they would reply back.

Good luck.

Thanks for the advice. Ill try to visit the embassy then. Thanks again

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