Businessman living in Cairo since 2013. Here to make friends

I am british and have been living in Cairo on and off since 2013.I a businessman and have been trying to source a good export market from Egypt to other African and international countries.

I must say it has been a challenge .living in Egypt as been warm and fun ,lots of interest,cheaper to live
If you have foreign currencies as your income ,far better quality of life and quality time.

Always looking for expat friends, hence were I live English is not very common amongs the people.

Still optimistic about staying here and trying to find a way in the market locally if I can't export Easily.

No regrets so far it's a new horizon.

Hi, i'm English and live in the centre, Tahrir. I don't particularly want to travel too far (i'm on a small budget!) but if you are near the centre i'd be happy to make a new friend also.

Nice to hear from you ,I live about 20minutes taxi ride from the centre.we can link up whenever you want .
Hope you are finding your stay very interesting.

Hi,  i am looking to make a new expat friends also and i am interested to know what kind of export markets from Egypt to other African and international countries as well.

to do business in Egypt right now is not so successful .. the only thing which will be a great success right now is to open a restaurant :D you know when Egyptians want to hang out they hang out at a restaurant :D .. enjoy life here and have Egyptian and expat friends .. if u want to ask anything about here just contact me

Hi Enise
i'm from Cairo,  Nasr city..Not so far from Tahrir Square..  We can be friends

Hello sirra ,
Well i have being working before for sales department as free lancer for few companies and do some exports to US,Malaysia,UK !!
then when started to struggling during time of revolution , i started to work on Plan B , studied two different professions and started to work ,
my pocket is not that rich , but about my experience on Business is quite rich , about Egypt as a market to market is not so easy lately specially after the prices rising on almost on every aspects on Life and the rising up of Dollars making remarkable decrees of importaions in general with shortage of dollars as every one know , Egypt as a country is always been enough great gate to other African countries , also Egypt always been encouraging Exports , especially lately for all reasons above !!
If you need more detailed details and more discuss let me know , i live in Zamalek area , we can also meet for some coffee or something somewhere around the Zamalek !!

Caraway , white kidney beans , loofah .
I think this will be profitable if you export .


Hope you had a nice day with minimum Cairo stress.meeting you for a chat is very interesting let me know when you are free and we can link up in a downtown cafe or NAsr City.

You seem to be on the ball about dealing with business in Egypt.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Mr yusuf

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