sponsor not giving transfer CR and Iqama expire need help

Dear All
I need your valuable advice on saudi rule regarding transfer and iqama expiry, my sponsor CR is expired since 6 months and I joined one company and have to take transfer but my sponsor lives in khamis and am living in Dammam since 7 months he is making me fool by taking money and doing nothing, my company sent transfer request which is now lapse because he can not accept request due to CR expiry and he is also not renewing now he changed his number, I am unable to go to Khamis because of iqama expire.
Please help me what to do his CR still in green but not renewed, how should i take transfer in new company . please help me out past 7 month, I haven't earned single penny.
waiting for your valuable advice

Hello  Fahad, I think you better to contact Labor office and I think they don't need your kafeel to do transfer in this condition.

thanks Mr. Zarif But which labour office in dammam or khamis, My iqama is from khamis

where are you now? anyone nearest to you.

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