Where to buy a good used car

We are willing to go anywhere in DR to get a good deal on a used (preferably diesel) manual transmission extended cab pick up truck.  (We need to be able to get to our house...)

Any suggestions?  And what price should we expect to pay?

Be very careful about used cars at dealers as many are imported with "bad titles" when shipped here.  Check all cars you are considering with carFax as you will find many left the US with junk titles. flood damage, or the odometer has been rolled back significantly.

Your best bet is to buy from an expat who is selling.  Check your local (DR) bulletin boards (at supermarkets and such)

Bob K

Hello brodies2013,

Sorry for the late reply. I recently had a major car accident and consequently had to replace my formal vehicle. I had a good experience in a car dealership in Santo Domingo. This dealership sells new and used vehicles of many brands. Let me know if you would like more info in the event you have not already purchased a vehicle.

There are some many car dealers in D.R. as "colmados" (small domestic grocery stores), whenever I bought a used car I prefer buying directly from a major car dealer that represents one or more card brands and sell used vehicles that are received in trade for partial payment on a new vehicle, they don't import the vehicle used as must of the dealers around the island that import vehicles in auctions that has been reposes and some are from insurance companies that when you run the CarFax will confirm have been involved in accidents; buying from a major car dealer in Santo Domingo like "Ok Vehículos Usados" that are certified used vehicles all they sell...

Please send an internet link or phone number of the car dealership. Thanks


A year ago I bought my first car in Santo Domingo. Skoda Fabia 2004 manual transmission for  around 2,800US$. (lucky me)
Fortunately I bought it from a person who lived near my neighborhood because he was about to upgrade his car.

It all depends on your budget, being a Dominican myself, I decided not to deal with dealers as they usually overprice everything, and always want to sell you a dream .   

You can expect to find a used, decent pickup truck, let's say 2008 for 12-13k or 500,000 - 600,000 pesos. It's an overpriced city, I must say.   But if you persevere, you can get a huge deal from a decent citizen.

Your best bet, is boots on the ground and look for"SE VENDE" signs on the back of the trucks and cars,  and looking around in COROTOS.COM for personal sellers.

If your budget is not an issue, you can try some dealers, like CHICOS, CAR LAB, Santo Domingo Motors, Avelino Abreu , Bonanza, which are all reputable ones, but I can't tell you based on prices or options available.

There are little options as to manual transmissions, but can be found at a lower price.  The few I know around here are the FORD ecosport (SUV), some SKODAS or some WV jettas, WV golf, peugeot, the NISSAN frontier (pickup truck), and some "work vans" like renault, daihatsu, etc.... They are all in the different price range.   
I must say, not everyone shows interest for manual transmissions, or European cars here; mainly because they don't know how to maintain them or say that car pieces are more expensive (yes, but they last longer)  So they will be selling them at a lower price.

I have yet to find a Diesel manual transmission, at least in the city.

Be sure to let people close to you know about your interest in buying an used car and to spread the word.  That's how I hit jackpot.

anybody living in Cabrera know anybody that has an SUV for sale

We are in Cabrera and the others that we know found theirs on either Suppercarros or Carotos wishing you good luck.


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