Moving to Dalian- Advice on what to bring?

I'll be moving to dalian in the next couple of weeks. Any advise as to what things i should bring. Is it difficult to find plus clothes in dalian? Thanks

I think when it comes to plus sized clothing, you should be okay here. I mean you may still need to hunt just a little, but after living here for over a year I can say that I've seen people of all sizes walking around.

As for what to pack, I'm not sure how much stuff and space you're working with. When I came here I just brought clothes, laptop, and some personal momentos - not much. There are some import markets where you can find ingredients and sauces. Dalian has Ikea, so most "western" housing needs can be found there at reasonable prices.

As for climate, it gets kinda muggy and hot in the summer (mosquitoes too, unfortunately). Winter can snow here and there and hang around as brown sludge for weeks =) I'm from Los Angeles area so that was my biggest adjustment. I never understood the value of winter wear until my first winter here. It feels like wearing a space suit =) Other than winter and the core of summer, the weather is fairly nice.

I'd say about 15% of the time, the air is too still to push out the smog and pollution coming in from other cities, so wearing a good mask can help u breathe a little easier. I also bought an air filter for inside my house.

Shipping things into Dalian is not always practical because customs likes to hold onto your stuff for an unreasonably long time. I've had packages held for a couple weeks up to a couple months. The stuff I had shipped wasn't even expensive or high end stuff, but it got held back anyway.

Sorry, I dunno if that helps, these are just random thoughts. When u arrive, expect that u won't have initial access to anything Google or Facebook or most western social media as those are blocked. There are ways around this, but it's always an unwelcome surprise when u get off the airplane.

Feel free to ask any other questions =)

Saranana, thank you very much :) i think i am only allowed around 20kg for luggage. Thanks again :)

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