my photography exhibition

I've posted this in events: … ening.html

not sure how many people look at that page though so hope the moderators will look kindly on me posting a link to it here.


Kindly? I have confidence in it.

Dude, as many expats are in other countries so will never get the chance to see your work, could you post a few images on this thread, please?

there are a few on the gallery page advertising my show here

Very keen to come along and have a look. I am a keen amateur based in Bahrain and would love a little inspiration on which places to go for photography.

Be great to meet you if you can make it.

will see you this evening!  :cheers:


heard you on Radio this morning!  :top:

Ha! I was in Saudi so wasn't able to hear it. They've kept a recording for me though. Thanks for coming. It as great to meet someone off the forums!

:cheers: same here.

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