Vietnamese Language Proficiency testing and certification.

I'd like to get an actual valid test of my Vietnamese language proficiency similar to the one given by the US DOD. "Language Testing Int'l" claims to offer that sort of test for about 100 languages including Vietnamese. But, it seems that the test is not available in Viet Nam.

I suspect that my language skill would likely test somewhere in the DOD bracket of 2 or the "Language Testing Int'l" Intermediate level based on the Language test that I was given in 1974 by the U of Maryland branch in Sai Gon that had me skip the Basic Vietnamese and start at the Intermediate level. I did complete all 9 semester hours of the U of Maryland Intermediate level Vietnamese and had started the first semester of Advanced Vietnamese when we had to evacuate Sai Gon in Apr 1975.

I would like to be tested in vocal comprehension, speaking and reading. I'll pass on writing as I have enough trouble spelling English with out spell check.

Does anyone know about testing and certification of Vietnamese Language skills.


I think you could contact the University of Social Sciences and Humanity of Ho Chi Minh City, which offer Vietnamese classes for foreigners and also enroll foreigners into Vietnamese-language program, for your business.

Wish you luck ^^

singuyen tranpham

Thank You. Depending on my wife's health, I'll check it out. Due to my wife's health I do prefer on-line or having a tester come to my house.

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