calling for my last stage in life, but with making it the best.

Hi everyone and any help out their , on the subject of living , working and surviving in such an amazing and privileged country on this planet ,
I am 58 in January with a lot of energy , English born well welsh actually , same island, worked 15 years then moved to spain, been living here for 29 years worked married and divorced here, I am a chef by trade and have an fantastic awesome partner from south Africa , and we want to so go to Namibia and spend the rest of our days in this country , I am a qualified lecturer and chef by trade , we would like to set up a home from home catering business to start, cookery classes , and English classes, its seems a not so easy as I previously thought setting up this in this neck of the planet , but would like to ask anyone who lives in Namibia and have made a living , for some advice for first come  starters some advice and how to go forward in starting a new life here ................

Hi Paul,

I believe you have a great opportunity in South Africa, particularly as
your partner is from South Africa.

There is more opportunity and a much bigger market...I have lived in both
countries. If you need some more assistance please feel free to inbox me
and depending on where you are in the country I will put you in touch
with great people.

One lady I know started doing just Chocolate, classes etc and she is now
looking to franchise.

I love Namibia but for your specific trade I would go with SA and then vacation
in Namibia and Swaziland.



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