Getting Mail back and forth and Amazon etc

Ok new question. How is the parcel situation as far as buy something and having it shipped? I heard that I can set up a parcel address out of Florida and then that way it can be shipped to me through a parcel service in Dominican to be forwarded to my Dominican parcel mail box? Is this sorter correct lol. I was thinking that when I move and buy some things over the Internet might actually be cheaper but I am worried about shipping and getting things accurately and the cost of doing that might be kind of high?

This has been covered a few times. You get a mail forwarder account HERE, that has a mail box  number and address for you in Miami.  You purchase and ship to the Miami address. They bring it here to the DR to your local office.

There are several of these types of companies. You pay by weight and sometimes by  dimensions.  AND you do not buy and ship  anything over US 200 in value or you pay tax and duty!  And it is significant.

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