How much should i ask for for housing allowance

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I'm a 24 years old Master's graduate originally from the GCC but i have both my BSc and MSc from UK, I just got offered a job in Muscat with the salary of 900-1000. I know its really good for a salary considering I'm single however moving to a different country so I'm think of negotiating a housing allowance but I don't wanna come out too greedy and lose the offer altogether. So this is a call to all the expats out there in Muscat to share their housing allowance and whether its part of their basic salary or as a bonus so that i can get a good idea of how much I should be asking for. I was thinking of 250 or 200 extra but ill wait to see all of your feedbacks. Thanks in advance!

Hi Hala313

Most likely the package offered to you, is all inclusive. Please, share your sector of employment, is it education at college? if it is so, the package offered to you is a good one and the norm there with little or no teaching experience. Hope this help

It's within the IT sector, and i doubt it's inclusive since the ill be hired along with two other omanis and that's what they're getting. I should be getting a call soon with information so i need to have an idea of how much to ask for

Did you get an offer letter? it should clearly state if you have house allowance or not. if it is not mentioned then as i told you. take for example some companies do the following:

Basic salary : RO xxx
allowance: RO xxx

they detail everything that worth to be mentioned.

anyway house allowance should be not less than RO 150 and after all it is allowance you may need to top up if you want to go for luxury accomadation or stay alone. ask if yout company provide free accomadation or not. the only one that have stright answer to your queiries is your prespective employer

I haven't received the official offer yet, I'm due to negotiate in a few days which is why I'm asking what other people are getting so that I know how much I should ask for. Mind you, I'm a fresh graduate im a noob so I don't know if asking for 250 on top of my 1000 is going over the top or justified, especially since the hr have advised me that it is a big initiative to start with from the company to accept none omanis.

go ahead , ask for OR 200 or above. Nothing wrong with nego. Allowance for house starts from OR 150 n above. if they have house allowance for you, sure they will tell you what they can counteroffer against your offer

Thank you for your quick and kind replies :) this is my first job so I'm trying to get as much advices as i can, and hopefully it'll workout

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