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love to get some information about moving to Montenegro. is work hard to get there. if visit can I extend my stay with my family. I am married with two kids. is there any one can help with procedure and advise.
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Depends where you want to live (coast or capital)
Depends what you do now and what certificates you have/what are you qualified to do?

PM me and we can discuss in details.

hi where the best place to live and is job easy to get. by the way my is Yvette Roberts.  my husband I have work in sales for many year now. we just want try a new and different type of life for our. we are will to just what ever needed to adjust. Jamaica is very expensive. how is the best way to enter the country.  is it a save country to live. I am from Jamaica.

Well jobs are tough everywhere, that's a fact.
Look through the other posts of people who have inquired about Montenegro and where to live.

It is cheaper in the center and north, as compared to the south. Rentals vary from 250 dollars upwards, depending on wants, needs, location... A beer out in a bar goes from a $1.50, pizza about $4-6, etc .etc...
It is a safe country, still can let your kids outside to play :-)

hi everyone, we will move to podgorica in the last week of the year , and looking for a flat for rent, it may be small and out of city, doesnt matter, not must be in the center,

I actually post a free add but nothing new or helpfull , your help or advises will be very much appreciated

Many thanks

Check out
Lots of flats posted there around the country. Good luck with your move!

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is this one have a language option for english ?  hope so ?

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Try for long term rentals in Podgorica;


better one!  :) appreciated  tsarine ! :)

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