legal rights of a domestic worker in Kuwait

I flew from Ghana to Kuwait, in order to work hard and better the life of home. My visa was supervised under sponsorship, in a permit of a domestic worker, though I knew the living of a maid is to cast aside self-esteem and dignity and I can withstand such. In observance for my past three months results in ill treatment but I am not molested in sexual harassment or physical abuse. The question that rises in mind is how many members am I to serve under a roof because I serve almost ten people in a house and it's two story building not to mention the hardness of the work. And the working hours as to resting hours, at first I was told to work from seven am to two pm then I take a break but with no limitation of closing time, it lasted for only five days, I can only go to my room when is dinner, ironing or closing time and my door is bang at at anytime to convey service. After the morning to the noon service I am urged to stay in the kitchen as a luxury time in explanation that I have to open the gate for incomings or to hitter to madames calling in such it helps not to miss a called or a bell ring, hence I am forbid to sing, use phone or do any passionate of mine when I am in the house, I wonder if that's how Kuwait law's portrait to maidens. I am to wear the something called uniform throughout my stay which makes me look ridiculous and self degrade, I am talk to at any how wither I am at fault or not. Since my stay throughout the Ramadan with the strenuous work I have not been allowed a holiday or a resting day and I am always in the house busy employing myself in chores, the a/c in my room is break down for a month and a least days and the fan does function no good they told me to sleep in the hall after it's clear, generally this people sleep around 2-3, so where will I be before sleeping time I ignored and fight the heat in my nights which leads into my realisation that I am not been treated as a worker or even closer to a maid but a slave so I dug my head into research and found out that domestic workers are allow to have a rest of privacy a week day off and also holidays in additional to church attending base on the person's religion. In short I have been thinking to urge both my agent and boss to give me such rights especially on going to church I feel home troubled and I feel in the meet of people I share something in common it might help my stay and health but then again I thought is this law really applicable or is just there to save the face of the country. Right now I am confuse that's why I need advice from you people. Perhaps it might help.

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