Attesting marriage certificate for family visa

Hello everyone,

My future husband is currently residing and working in Saudi Arabia and we have set a wedding date to get married in an exotic location that is neither his home country or mine.
We have been told that we need to have the marriage certificate attested.  Please can someone let me know how and where is this done?
The place we are getting married at - is a very small country (island) with no Saudi embassy or consulate.
Also does someone know can the family visa be applied for online so I may come to Saudi with him after our wedding or will I need to return to my home country and await the visa from there?

Thank you all in advance for your help.

Hi - Congratulations for your Marriage ! Good Luck... !

Yes you can come along with him but not on residence visa rather on Visit Visa. Simultaneously, once you are here he can apply for residence too

To get the visit visa, your passport should include your spouse name. Once this completes, he can apply for Visit Visa Online and receive an online confirmation too

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