Where best to get a pet (dog) with reasonable price

Hi all,
Im Huyen from Hanoi and just moved to Bangkok... will be here for 4 years but right now everything is new to us.
Im a yoga teacher but cant teach here yet as im on dependent visa, not allow to work😢
We live in  soi Sukhumvit 23. Would love to meet and greet anyone nearby😊
We are looking for a pet and would be great if you could suggest or share any experience about it.

Cheers and lovely to know you all

Hi Huyen and welcome to :)

Hope that everything is going well on your side in Bangkok, please feel free to share your expat experience with us.

Please note that the section Bangkok pets classifieds is at your entire disposal and posting an ad is completely free. Therefore, i advise you to post an ad as it might really help you. ;)

Good luck,


Thanks Priscilla😚

Would you consider a pet as adopting or buying?

Hi there, thanks so much for asking! We have found a family who is leaving Bkk. So looks like we gonna have a dog soon. Cheers!

Sweet! I do adopt so many dogs as well. They all deserve home :-)

Still looking for a pet?

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