Traveling to khartoum Sudan


My Name is Khalil from Lebanon, i took a work offer in Khartoum sudan and i will travel soon to.

I have some questions if you can help me please to know,

1. life in khartoum in general?
2. Transport? cheap or expensive?
3. Medical life in khartoum, how is it? is there disease in khartoum like malaria? hepatite and which one? what are the vaccines to do before to come?
4. restaurants are clean? is there lebanese restaurants there? cheap or expensive?
5. Nightlife : is there pubs or nightclubs? alcohol? how can i get it if i want?
6. hairdressers : where can i found lebanese hairdressers if exist?
7. what about the water inside the house? clean ?

Will wait your kind reply,

Many thanks for your support,

Khalil S.


Hi Elpadrino,

Welcome to! :)

I can suggest you to view some blogs from Expats in Sudan in the blogs directory. This might help you find some information.

Best of luck,

hi christine,

need answers for my questions please or i will cancel this account due to nobody help me.

Thank you,
El padrino.

Hi El Padrino,

When are you moving ?

I will try to give you some hints on some of your queries.

For cost of living, if live is expensive or not it will depend on you and your salary package. Follow this link : … rrency=LBP , you will get the prices in Lebanese Pound.

Here are some interesting posts which could provide you some infos as well : … 24#3227664 … 68#3109480

As for health and safety tips, where you are advised to drink bottled water, food is overall safe. … afety.html

Furthermore, contact the Sudanese Embassy, they will be able to guide you all along.

    Sudanese Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon

    Near Bristol Hotel
    Madame Curie Street
    Minkara Building
    (+961) 1 353 270
    (+961) 1 350 057
    (+961) 1 353 271
    Ahmad Hassan, Ambassador

All the very best,

Thank you Bhavna for this infos,

i am moving soon by 1 week ,

Best Regards,
El padrino

Hi Khalil

How do you do :)

- Transport is very cheap you can go for about 30 km for half a dollar or little more but its really difficult at rush hour times & when available sadly people kinda fight for riding a bus or mini van (14 persons) & prices double at night where its very hard to find transport. Not sure how much you have, buying a good car cost 7k to 10k USD or try to live near work.

- Medically speaking there are good hospitals like Royal Care in Burri are & seeing a specialist cost 30 to 40 USD. For vaccine i suggest you check with your doctor my wife got vaccinated for Typhoid. Malaria doesnt have a vaccine just protective measures i suggest you buy mosquito spray for few months.

- Restaurants are generally clean & food is safe problem is how food is prepared and is the one making it is clean that what you should check in open air restaurants which found outside but big closed ones are safe. There are many Syrian restaurants now plus few Lebanese for that travel advisor answers better than me.

- Alcohol is forbidden by law so be careful if u manage to get it not to get caught with it.

- There are many Turkish & Syrians salons for hair dont know about Lebanese.

- I am not sure how to answer about water i suggest you try it as its really mixed i can drink it normally but my sister cant. Another advice when you buy water buy from the ones in the fridge as many supermarkets dont keep then in cool dry places sometimes under the sun sadly.


Hi muibmuel,

i am fine and how are you :)

i need to thank you a lot for your kind reply and explain all the infos i need.

if i will have another questions in my mind i will tell you sure due that you are the first person who reply direct to my answers not give me links so thanks again.

keep in touch and take care,


Sure thing Khalil, anytime.

The current situation in Sudan, politically, and economically, is really bad. In my opinion, I think you're taking a backwards step moving from Lebanon.

dear muibmuel,

how are you doing?

need to ask you about the food and beverage in khartoum and restaurants, are they expensive?

how much cost the breakfast, launch and dinner in a great restaurant?

Will wait your reply,

Thank you.

Hello Khalil

Drinks like sodas are .36 $
milk is about 1$ for one L

I am not a fan of fast food but most expensive open buffet is at Corinthia Hotel which is about 25$.
There are many Yemeni, Syrian Res and meal is from 7 to 15$.
The famous meal for breakfast is Egyptian Beans which i dont recommend u will be very sleep after eating as needs long time to digest but there are no health risk :), but i dont know a rest with pancakes or waffles etc.

My advice if you can try to cook for few days on weekends if you can & try restaurants from time to time.

Hope this helps

About the situation in Sudan it mostly like many Arab or African countries when it comes to politics every gov for itself thats how it is. Is it bad yes but not different from before really i mean politically.

Economically if your paid in USD or have equivalent money in SDG then there is not a problem, there are sanctions on Sudan but this is related to Banks (but there is always a solution, Sudan imports most of its goods) as long as you dont want to open a company you dont need to worry about that.

thx again for your reply muibmuel, if i will remember new questions i will inform you ))

Keep in contact,


hi muibmuel,

its hard to find a taxi at night to go out??

Will wait your reply,

Thank you.

Hi elpadrino....
I think you worry about sudan,,,dont worry coz everything u need u'll find it.
about taxi,,any time u'll find taxi..

hi are u)...yes maybe thats it , anyway thx for your reply )

Ya zol mat'kalimu ul-nasiha min fadlak. Al balad ta3bana shadeed, wal nas saabreen. I've been to Sudan twice, and wouldn't go back if you paid me. The situation is even worse than it was then, which I thought at the time was very bad! Cost of living is rising more and more, and people are suffering. The government is severely corrupt, but the alternative is even more corrupt! So it's a choice of lesser evil.

Of course it's not hard to find a taxi at night. People are desperate to do any job, any where, any time, so there is always someone available to drive you, even University graduates!


Please use english ad this is an english forum.

I am not sure what i said that made u say all that, well ppl are suffering in many places in the world i am not saying ut wrong everything u said is corrct about life in Sudan but people are managing.

Whether u come to Sudan or not its ur choice.

U can find taxis in almost anywhere in world at night it doesnt mean they are suffering.

I hope we stick to the topic of Khalil. If u nerd to talk about something else make a new thread or message me privately pls.


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