Makati or Alabang?

Hello everybody,

This is my first message in this forum, nice to meet all of you!

I will move to Philippines in about 1 month for a 6 months stay. My job is in Tanauan, 65 km south of Makati and I'm wondering were would be better to live. I got the following options:

- Condo in Makati (Greenbelt Residence)

- Hotel in Alabang (20 km south of Makati, closer to my work)

What do you think is better as an option? I was told avg commuting time is 1.5 hrs Makati->Tanauan and 2 hrs Tanauan-> Makati in the evening and a bit shorter from Alabang: 1hr in avg between Alabang and Tanauan in both directions.

What do you think is the best option for a single man? And, important, as the shuttle bus provided by the company starts very early (6am in Makati and 6.30am in Alabang), do you know how to get a driver with a car? Are there any agencies or any of you has contacts?

Thanks in advance.


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