Work Visa- Taking longer than expected. cannot trace process

Hello everyone,

I've received a job offer from Dubai last July and they started working on my visa, but till now it took more than 1 month and i don't know what is wrong with my application. Even the PRO who is working on it doesn't want to give me my application number to trace it.

He keeps saying its still in security process, and this is taking way longer than expected.

Should i contact anyone directly in the government or just keep waiting?

Hello AhmanFahmy :cheers:

For which company have you received this job offer please? Were you asked to pay for anything?

Beware of jobs scams, nowadays there are a lot of thoses on the internet.

Hope anyway for you its just a regular time taking process.

All the best


Don't worry its a multi national company. And i did all interviews online and signed the contract with them.

So is it normal to take more than a month?


Yes dear you should try to contact to hr department or some others as you know better than me

you can check on MOHRE app.if ur company is not freezone.u can see the status online.

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