How to get RNE card and bank account?

I am waiting on my permanent  pension (viper) visa.If approved I will be moving to Brazil in the next few months.Once there I know how to get my CPF card but how do I get my RNE card and bank account? Obrigado

I got my  residency base on Brazilian child last month but before that I got my RNE as student.

Here are the things I have brought to get my RNE as a student. To renew it, I have more documents because It is base on my Brazilian child.

- 2 photos 3x4 on white background
- Passport
- Pay the GRU in loteria or banco do Brasil

I am in Florianopolis and this is the steps here, I am not sure it will be like this in other states.

1. Visit the policia federal site and fill up the form and print it.
2. Print the GRU
3. Go book an appointment online … strangeiro

For bank accounts, I have no success even I have the residency now. They asked me for compravante de renda which I do not have because I am a permanent resident only for 2 months. Next year I can declare tax.

But after living here for 3 years, i realize i do not need a local bank unless if u want to do loan in the future.


For a bank account, normally all banks should accept to open a regular current account but in reality, it is much easier with estatual banks (state own) : Banco do Brasil or Caixa.
But as usual in Brazil, if you know someone/familly in law who know the bank manager, then it is easier.

Ah the bank account....I'm on my way to opening my third this hear....
Easy for those who know how and very difficult for those who don't ;)

Basically if you want to open a bank account in Brazil, first get a job :)
Otherwise you need the CPF, proof of Address, RNE card and an explanation of why you want an account....trying to open it without these three things is a real pain
but when you have the company letter from the employer it's really easy....

Actually to tell you the truth, most expats try to rush opening a bank account when they don't really need one ....myself included....
So I now sit with the novelty of a costly Banco do Brasil count I don't really need.
In Brazil an employer will require you to open an account at their bank in order to get's very uncommon for them to just pay into a random account of yours at another bank....wierd I know but thats the system....Transfering cash to Brazil is costly too, cheaper to just use your credit card or account back home on a debit card.

Ask yourself do I really need a Brazilian bank account at this moment.....when you are a bit more settled and the time is right to open one it will be easy.

So, to just get a Rne card.What do I need ?

My memories getting fuzzy, but basically you go to your local Federal police estrangeiros department within 30 days of arrival

There is a list on their site on what to bring but basically from what I can remember
-it's 3x4 color photos
-The receipt form you got when you were issued your VIPER at the Brazilian Consulate - super important, has your picture on it.....
- A full copy of your passport cover to cover
-possibly some kind of proof of address, they weren't to strict on this but I think my wife showed some bank letter, not even sure if he looked at it
-GRU proof of payment receipts for two fees you have to pay at Banco do Brasil- they REALLY care about this, one fee cover the physical CIE card and the other the RNE registration process

I think thats it, but double check there might be more
You go there submit it all and get a temporary ID and a registration paper called a SINCRE you might have to produce to get other documents

After a month the CIE card arrives, after that it's pretty smooth sailing

Hi rc206

Try opening a Popanca (saving account). No need to provide a source of income and you can open one with your RNE or CIE and a proof of address. You'll receive with the account a debit card with which you can use to pay or withdraw money from ATM. The difference(s) with the current account is Direct Debit is not permitted.

My own experience of using my local Card (UK issued) is i get whacked with transaction fees from both my own bank and the local bank i use here in Brazil. The higher the amount withdrawn and the frequency of use the bigger the fees :( needless to say.
in contrast my bank allows me to transfer money online to my Brazilian  account cheaper. Something to consider and will save you some pennies in the long run.


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