Open an Office of Export in Tehran


Am looking forward to come and visit Iran and also am studying if there is a possibility to open a company in Iran as am a non citizen of Iran... What would be the charges and processes .... thanks ... Daw

There are 2 way for this matter. 1. find a trustable person in Iran and make company docs in his/her name. and you work with .
2. ask investment organization of Iran for citizenship. it has min limite of investing and also other conditions for make it profitable for you. and then you will be allowed to make your own company here.

Hi Mania,

Thanks alot ....

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I'm Umair from pakistan .but now living in iran mashhad .I married to Irani girl in mashhad .since 2 years I'm in iran but I couldn't find job. I need really help to find job in mashhad .please help me. ***

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Hi Dear Dawood

I'm Iranian & I'm living in Tehran.
I need more information about your business.

Thank's a lot

Hi Dawoot

Which kind of business would you like to have in Iran?
Im living in Iran/Tehran



Are you looking for job in Mashhad, yet ?
If so, pls introduce your background to me.
Now, I am looking for helper in Mashhad.

best regards.

hi good day i am radz currently living here in tehran from phillipines and i am looking for a work and i am new here hope i am fit for the kind of helper your looking for tnx and best regards

Dear Kersstinrash

Have you been to export/import affairs ?

best regards.
John Lee

hi dawood
let me know if you need any assistance for arrange your bussines here in iran.

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