Negotiation room for a written offer

Hi guys,

Please help me with the following information. 10 days ago an important telco company sent me a job offer that seems to be beyond my minimum expectations. Already discussing, negotiation back and forth.

How much negotiation room do recruiting teams usually have? Can they increase the initial offer by 15%, 25%, 50%? It seems like a lowball negotiation game at least for now. Any information from your experience will be helpful.

Thank you very much!

With the negotiation point of view, I don't think this a very good approach to follow. I'd suggest view it based on some standard like for example: 'market value'. Have you taken in consideration what's the market value of the position you've been offered:
- In Saudi Arabia
- for a European (sorry, but it's important in this market as pay-scale relate to nationality big time).

If they are low balling, we can deal with that.

Coming back to your question: Yes, they definitely have room. How much? Till they match the market value.

You may PM (personal message) me sharing numbers and I can provide you with some better insights.

Thank you very much! Anyway, What I meant in the initial post was "below my minimum expectations" , not beyond. :)

I have to agreed with TLL. Most companies, especially telco has market pay data with them. They usually define their pay system based on this and each role will be linlked to a grade that has : min - mid & max. If your current pay is less than the mid of their grade, then  you certainly have a lot of room to negotiate. It all depends on the role , level, your nationality, current pay etc

PM me if you have anything specific in mind to discuss.

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