Any good spice sellers in the Metro-Central North Area?

I could order online but I would like to know if there are any shops that sell fresh spices for when I need something now. Usually something along the lines of tumeric, cumin, paprika, the standard stuff.

Thank you!

Have you checked the Farmers Market on Saturdays in OSJ?  There's a decent amount of vendors there.

I haven't been there in awhile but they didn't have any last time. Lots of delicious salsas and condiments though. :)

Yes - there is a vendor that sells delicious pumpkin bread! 

There is a monthly market over in Condado - might be worth a peek.  Have you tried La Placita in Santurce?

Like a lot of things on the island they have to be sought out. I know someone in Ponce that grows and and makes turmeric powder,  Oregano is easy to find from street vendors. I will be growing what I can and presently I have fresh turmeric, curry leaf, kaffir lime, ginger, lemon grass and will find out what else grows on a tropical island.

Yes, I did try La Placita, love that place. I didn't see anyone with those spices the last time I went and the one vendor who sold fresh Tumeric was sold out. I did show up late in the day though. I really would rather have it already processed anyway, the dishes I want to make are already labor intensive. :) I might just drive around Santurce/San Juan this weekend and see what I see. Also going to the market on Roosevelt again and ask around. If I find anything good, I will post back here.

I should look into growing tumeric. I do grow some of those items already. I meant to ask you before, would you consider selling me some of your kaffir lime leaves? I could paypal you and you wouldn't need anything more than an ordinary envelope.

i will be driving to Adjuntas tomorrow.  Is there a market in Ponce, or nearby, where I can purchase some of these items?

Hi, presently I M in Asheville, NC selling my studio to be in PR full time this fall. I would gladly supply you with Kakkir Lime leaves once I get back in November. If I can get someone to collect some before hand I Will let you know. The seeds germinate rather quickly and within a year or so you can start collecting the leaves. You can grow it/them in containers too. I recall getting mine thru eBay or amazon. My favorite is curry leaf. Have you tried it?

Hi, wish I were there to meet you but I am in Asheville, NC selling my building to move to
PR full time. Clara sells the fresh organic  turmeric powder out of her beauty and nail shop across the street from Walgreens in Ponce Centro. I can give the street names if you want to go there. You would go to the historic district of Ponce and you can access highway 10 from there cutting through town from that point and I would also have to give you specific directions which only involves a couple of turns but with all the one way streets it could be a little confusing. It would save you a lot of time backtracking to highway 10. The farmers market is a couple of blocks away from Clara's even though it is limited.

I  am planning a container garden on the rooftop of a neighbor's condo.  Will figure out the watering system, etc and start growing some hard-to-get items.   After I get back from the BVIs.

Love Asheville, been there many times, good luck with the sale. Whenever you get back and you're nice and settled I would love to get some leaves, thank you. I have not tried the curry leaves but I will see about getting seeds for those as well as the Kaffir Lime on ebay/what have you. Ponce is really difficult for me to get to so I think I will just keep searching over on this side of the island but thanks for the offer of info!

Curry is not grown from seeds. When I get back I can start some cuttings or you order the live plants  thru ebay or amazon

Ah, ok. good to know, thx!

Update: After some searching this weekend I did find someone that sells fresh, local ground Tumeric, Curry powder and Ginger. The companies name is EcoTienda La Chiwinha, they are located on Calle Gonzalez in San Juan. We also paid a visit to La Hacienda in Miramar but their spices were way too pricey for what they were. For example, the standard sized spice bottle was $10, (about 2oz) and I don't know how long it's been sitting on the shelf. I can get organic online for the same price for 12oz, that includes shipping.

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