Teaching position

Hello, guys! I'm called Lucas and I am the school coordinator of a school called British and American, which is located on Caxangá Av. We are a 3-year-old school which has had many students and has become a reference in English schools around the area.

Our methodology focuses on student's conversation skills in a period of 1 year. Given that, many conversation classes and grammar ones are taught throughout that time, having the students get to know most of the teachers and be in touch with different English accents.

We are currently in need of a teacher to take over an advanced class called "Hyper", which is supposed to be an advanced conversation/preparatory class for proficiency tests to take place on Saturday mornings. We need a professional with teaching background and good references available on this day, to start in the position as soon as possible. We are able to provide a small training so whoever is interested get to know the material, teaching method and schedule of classes.

The classes are supposed to happen during a year and the classes meet weekly. Also, we might, in the future, expand the working hours to 6 a week, whenever new groups are put together. If anyone has a friend or somebody with good references, send your resume to this email address: lucas[at]

Thank you in advance!

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