Sugestions for area/vilage to live in close to Erlangen

Hello all,
I will be taking a five year position in Erlangen soon. I am looking for suggestions for which areas to look for rental and any other information from people with experience. My criteria is:
   1. within 40min cycling commuting distance to FAU Erlangen (regular not elite cyclist)
   2. Prefer semi-rural / village lifestyle or detached/semi-detached house
   3. safe, well looked after area with not too much traffic, low crime
   4. with green spaces / forest where dogs are allowed off-leash. Preferably with a swimming spot or a creek. Ideally, with kangaroos to chase... OK maybe not, at least with some duck poo.
   5. Proximity to schools is not important. Proximity to public transport a bonus.
   6. Mountain biking/ hiking/ climbing/ whitewater are a bonus

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

With your very specific ideas of what a place must look like, you'll probably have to travel around the area yourself after arrival to look around.
One thing to consider, though, is that the more rural you go, the less English speaking people you'll meet (and thus the less social life you'll have). Also, dogs are not officially allowed off-leash anywhere - and if yours goes after the local wildlife you'd get into trouble!

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