Finding Marriage Certificates in Ethiopia


I am a British national and I know nothing about immigration or things like that so I hope you guys can help

I want to know if Ethiopia has a registrar or record of marriages the same way we do in the UK, and if so can they be viewed by the public and how?

I am looking to find a marriage record between a British national (who at the time was living and working in Australia with a visa) who married a Ethiopian National in the country of Ethiopia

If its not possible to view any records then does anyone have any ideas on what I could do to see if a marriage took place? For example I was thinking that as it was a British national notice needs to be posted and a doc that says you are 'free to marry' needs to be obtained before marrying abroad...could I get hold of this?

Sorry its a bit long winded but I'm desperate for help, I have tried emailing embassies but I seem to go round in circles - I'm not sure who else to ask

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help!


You need to visit the Government Registary Office in Addis, they hold all relavent records that you are seeking.

Good luck, Richard.

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