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Hello I am in the process of relocating to the Sosua area of Dominican Republic and I just really need a clear answer when it comes to a monthly electric bill. I just want to know is it 350.00 US or 400.00US a month if I was to use the same amount of electricity that I use in America? No one seem to want to give me a straight answer lol it is almost like I am asking for the holy grail. … n+Republic

The exacts you want aren't available as you have no clue about your usage patterns

First we do not know what you use where you live now!!!  We are not magicians.  AND we have  no idea how you will live here so how could we possibly guess at your usage?

Tell us what you use in a typical month in KWH and we can  roughly tell you what that amount of electricity would cost here! We cannot tell you what you will use here.

If  you do not use the AC much and have solar hot water you electric bills will be reasonable.  But as Planner said it depends on your usage.

Price per KWH is much higher here then in the US, especially once you exceed 799KWH per month.


Ok I found a bill it says 2228kwh I found another bill at 775km but that was in the winter time. and I have gas for heat here so I guess my bill will be on the high end way over the 799kwh.

Ok a couple of questions:
1.  Where exactly are you looking to live?
2.  How big a house is it?
3.  Heating bill in the winter???? No one I know living here has electric, gas or any other kind of heat in the winter.  Winter here just means less hot.  Yes there has been a night or two that I have used a light sweater or light sweat shirt but that is rare.  And I remember once (in over 10 years) looking for a pair of socks to wear (did not have any :D  )
4.  How many rooms are you going to have air conditioned and how often will you use it?

Bob K

I plan to live around the Sosua, Caberrea, Nagua, area. America electricty uses is 2228kwh last month bill was 350.00.

Well I consider having two bedrooms so a/c in each bedroom and in living room possible. I was just there in June so I understand the way people do not use a/c in the living room as much but I want one in there until I can get the wife to adapt to the no a/c thing so i have to accommodate the wife until we get settled in so a/c in at least each bedroom and living room. Not worried to much about myself because i like the heat and like not wearing socks lol the wife is the one who feels she need a/c and scared that it will be a high bill each month. I am just trying to research every concern my wife will have because we are moving there next summer.

With a house that size if you run the a/c all the time you will have a bill of about $250 a month or more. If you can use fans and the a/c less it will have  a great effect on the bill.

Also using solar for hot water or you pool will have a huge effect as these are major power drains.

We have 5 bed room home use the a/c sparingly and have solar hot water.  Our bill is about $75-$90 a month

Bob K

Thanks your information was very helpful... This page rocks!!!!! :thanks: Thanks BobK

If you used the same number of KWH here the bill would be closer to $580 dollars!!!

And you will want to purchase the new energy efficient air conditioners. Higher cost up front but significant savings for you. They use  40 to 45% less energy.

Thanks for the information it helps a lot with the budget planning thanks

For pool pump you could go with this pool pump
This is what I'm putting in for my pool pump

Thanks for the information it helps a lot with the budget planning thanks

Glad  all helps.  Keep the questions coming.

Bob K

I keep one AC on at night in one room costs $60-100 usd depending how many naps I take. ;)

If you want to run AC all day yes you will pay $200 or more a month easy. Comparable or cheaper than Canadian city, less reliable of course haha.  Lucky that I get a breeze where I live.

It get's costly fast when you start using above a certain amount of kwh.  Jumps fast so it's good to manage heavy use if possible.

At 700 kwh you are at the highest band cost wise.

With this cool weather we have been lucky so far this year and keeping our KW hours to under 600 so far

Bob K

My bill is under 1,000 rd a month and i use the a/c to dehumidify as needed the last 4 or 5 months.

Bobk, with your size house, do you have solar panels? And if so, how many/what wattage?  Also, are solar panels something that would get stolen?  We want to get a solar pump on our cistern...but, it's right next to the road...and at arm level...

Wow...I have 3 suitcases now! HAHA...I'm coming for you Planner and BobK... :top:   (just terms of head starts...they are literally YEARS ahead of us....*sigh* We haven't even moved yet...

Awesome. So hurry up and get here.

In terms of solar panels being stolen - hell yes. Everything like that gets.locked up or is so out of reach as tocmake it almost impossible.

We use solar for our hot water and where we are I am not worried about them being stolen. 

Bob K

Its on your roof?

No in the yard but security here is on their game

Bob K

Nice! But not the normal sadly.

True and many have it mounted on their roof
Bob K

Yes, we'll put some on the roof of our house too...but we would like to install the solar pump down at cistern...LOL...that's another good anecdote...the builder of our Casita ran PVC pipe up through the roof from the breaker box...all primed and ready to attach solar panels...but the project was abandoned. Fast forward about 10 years of house staying vacant. I guess, since we bought our house during the end of the drought...we never noticed water...but last December we were perplexed and scared to see water leaking into the electrical panel!!! Yikes!...Was our concrete roof leaking? Nope. There just was no cap on the PVC pipe sticking out of our roof directly over electrical all that rain! harm no foul...could have been worse...

Dominican engineering :D

Bob K

Only 2000 Rd this month not bad!  Woohoooo

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