How much to rent a 1 bed apartment in Cairo

Hi Guys

How much is to rent a 1 bed apartment in an ok area in Cairo now. I don't mind if it was out of the center as on a budget.


You can find all prices. Cairo is a city where everybody can live according to his/her budget. Places like Zamalek, Maadi, Rehab, or Madinaty are expensive. Make sure you can find a place according to your budget.

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Check out the housing section at the top of this page.

I am renting a one bed flat in tahrir for 3000le and it includes bills but the A/C doesnt work. An 'agent' got it for me. I have found it impossible to get anything cheaper  in the centre (without sharing) and most adverts are posted by agents who take a commission from the rental-some take it every month i believe, not just one off. I tried to find a place by asking the caretakers at flat entrances but got nowhere doing this-i dont know if they dont like foreigners or only trust dealing with agents but it was very frustrating. I dont trust anyone after many bad experiences so i would advise you to be careful.  People assume you have lots of money simply because you are foreign. Locals and friends always say they can get you something cheaper but they never come up with the goods!! Good luck.

tell me whats ur budget to tell the suitable region

it well cost you about 2000 eg pound if you like more details teel me

Thanks guys for the tips

I can afford 2000le.

What would I get for that amount?

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