Want to meet friends in Varna, Expat And Bulgarian.

Hi! My name is Flavio Bergozza, I am italo chilean and looking for friends, I lived in Varna since 3 weeks ago, make trips around, go out to restaurants, clubs, etc...

I don´t know to many people and would like to have a stronger net in this city.

I am self-employed and work as textiles agent selling to Latin America from India, Turkey, Pakistan and China. I was in Turkey bit the things there became very difficult so I prefer to move to a small city with nice weather and beach, for that reason I am in Varna :)

I speak English, Italian, some german and of course spanish my mother tongue.

Waiting for your replies ;)

Regards to to the whole community.


The most popular bar for expats in Varna is Sundogs, in the centre., behind the bronze statue of the man holding the fish.

Any suggestion on how to meet locals?


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