Moving to USA from South Africa

Good day,

My name is Marius du Plooy and is currently living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is really a life long dream to move to America.
I do not know where and how to start, what do I need etc.

I have been searching the web for months, but none of them really tells me much. Hopefully you guys can help me.

I am a 25 year old Single white male working in the Mining industry as a Draughtsman/Draftsman. I firstly want to know is it even possible for me to move there. If so how do I get a job there and convince the Company to help me move as my funds won't allow me to do it all on my own.

look at, there are alot of people from SA is south florida.

Hi Marius and all other South African's living in the US.

I too have a lifelong dream of moving to America, preferably New York.
I've also been doing some research from my end and apply daily on the various job portals, one in particular is I am a Project Coordinator and find that it has been a bit difficult with my job this is the first step I would have to take before my visa application. I have even taken a further step in Googling various companies within New York and have found that they actually make contact with you much quicker than any of the job portals.

I also have two kids, age 7 and 1 and have also been struggling with my research and applications to various schools. Can anyone advise how this works? I would prefer a public school. I have made contact with the US Embassy in SA but they could only help me with regards to my visa application.

Also, are there any of you out there who have actually become permanent residents in the US and how long did it take?
What are the minimum requirements with regards to available funds to immigrating?

Looking forward to your response,

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