Salary 2700 gross - cost living Brussels

Hello all.

I'm an EU citizen thinking about relocating to Brussels. Considering this potential job offer: 2700 euros gross month + Luncheon Vouchers, 7€, Group Insurance, Hospitalisation, Mobile Phone & Home ASDL Line, how much taxes approx will I pay? Also, will I be able to cover my living expenses in Brussels? What would be the average I would spend?

How is the salary level? Is it in the average or too low?

Thanks everyone for their input!

You don't say your personal family circumstances. That is crucial to your tax regime.

If I were a single person, I could easily live on a new income of 1500 euro per month, but I'm me not you. It depends on what you consider essentials in life and what level of non essentials you are used to having.

Hi there,

Yes, I'm a single person so will be looking to rent a studio/1 bedroom apartment, preferably in a quite central and decent area.

I do go out, mainly on the weekends but I mostly enjoy travelling when I've got spare time. On weekends it's usually closer destinations (max around Europe), but I also travel to South America or other destinations when I have 2 weeks of vacation.

I'm into sports so will be going to the gym as well.

How would you think that could fit into my income in Brussels?


Try this website for living costs

By knowing nothing about the tricks of life in Brussels to reduce the cost of living. You risk being surprised ... and not in a good way ...

As a single, you will have a net monthly salary of approximately € 1,750. Now you divided into three parts. Firstly for housing with utilities included, one for the other fixed monthly costs (credits, food, transportation, supplementary insurance, ...), and the rest for what you want ... But this is the theory . In practice, already when you see the prices for suitable accommodation, you will be disillusioned

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