Looking for AMERICAN expats in Athens to participate in a NEWS REPORT

Dear all,

I'm a freelance journalist based in Athens and along with a colleague I'm preparing a story about the elections in the USA and I'm looking for American citizens living in Greece who'd be willing to share their thoughts and opinion about the election process and the candidates, as well as a few words about their life in Greece.

We'd be grateful if you could help with our story, either with a phone/Skype interview, via email, or a meeting in Athens.

If you are interested please send PM to share contact details.

Thank you very much in advance!

Alex M.

PS. We are not interested in sponsored pieces. Please contact us only if you are really interested in being part of the story and giving an original statement.

Hi Alex M.

Could you please post your ad in the Athens classifieds > testimonies section?

Thank you,

Hi! My name is Nikki Fellouris, and I'm an American liviing in Greece for the past 30 years. I am a member of Democrars Abroad, went to Wellesley like Hillary and met her when she visited Greece 20 yrs. ago to pick up the Olympic Flame (I have an awful picture of us together as proof, hahaha! She looks great, I look awful!). We all had a Wellesley Tea at the Hilton and I told her a joke, cause that's how I am! If you are interested in other insights, life in Greece anecdotes and what the U.S. political scene is here, then you might want to talk with me.

My contact info is *, and if you write me there I will give you my phone info. I live near the Hilton and would be happy to meet in person in the center somewhere.

Best Regards,
Nikki Fellouris

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Just wanted to say thank you to all Americans and Greek-Americans who responded to my post either here or via a pm. I received many more than I expected and needed for my story, which is great!

Thank you also Christine, for not removing my post, even though it should have been on another section.

This forum proves to be helpful, full of nice people and generous!

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