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Hi Everyone!

I have a question and I will be grateful to get a genuine answer from you.
Our family friend is visiting  us in Germany for the first time on her own expense, for holidays on tourist visa.
Since we live in the Southern part of Germany, situated at the Swiss boarder, it would be convient for us to pick & drop her at /in Zürich Airport.
For the above reason, does she require a separate visa for Swiss or only German visa would be sufficient for her?. Of course, the  other  necessary documents are  well taken care off.
Thanking you all in anticipation & best regards,


Hi Earthfriend1,

With a Schengen visa there shouldn't be any problem, she can travel/transit through any of the Schengen area countries with her visa > … ries-list/

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Thank you Bhavna!  Your Info gives me relief and I shall forward your instruction further to our family friend.

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