Introduce myself and some questions about my move to Puerto Rico

My name is Glenn. I was aiming at the Philippines. However, with their new President there - the country is in turmoil - news from the past few days is not good there. Expatriates may be kicked out of there in the coming months or in a few years - no telling. I was stationed there in the US Air Force. It may not even be an option in a short period of time, and it was my first choice. Puerto Rico is second - I live in western Massachusetts - and I know Puerto Rico will always be a choice that is open as it is part of the USA and I am a veteran  - and the VA is there.  Puerto Rico is good too, because I speak a decent amount of Spanish. This weekend I am going to go to a Spanish meetup dinner to practice the language. I am retired by the military, and I am 54 - and write full time, but I'm not successfully published yet.

Welcome to the forum Glenn,
I too am a veteran, I live close to Worcester, MA.
We are here to help answer your questions and help make your transition as smooth as we can.
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Another Air Force veteran. I m currently in Ga. We are headed to the island next month , possible move next year

I just went on the site to the other country - and an expat said things were very dicey over there - just in a matter of a few days things deteriorating to the point foreigners may not be able to stay there in the Philippines long term with their new President so that is definitely looking like - forget it - anyway, I am wondering about rents in the San Juan area. I was told it would be expensive - around $1200 a month or more - which I can afford, but I would like to pay a bit less. Would one recommend for me to move to Ponce - I speak enough Spanish to get by, but I don't drive a car, so is San Juan - a must without a car? Where is  the VA in relation to the island? I am not aiming to move for a few years yet. I would go visit in a year perhaps... I have to get rid of property here that I own... and visit to be sure I want to go there. I have not been to Puerto Rico yet. I am brushing up on my Spanish by watching CNN Espanol every evening. I have met many Puerto Ricans of course, and they want to be there, but are here on the mainland by necessity.

The main VA is in the San Juan area, but there are two others, just not sure where, I believe one in Arecibo, sorry I do not get VA medical benefits as I have no injuries.

You can find a small apartment in the San Juan area for 800 a month. Not sure how much by the time you move in a few years from now.

Transportation of Taxi, Uber Buses, and a train exist in the metro area so a car is less of an issue. … 1&ID=8 this may help

Hello Glenn,

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