How much is the cost of living in Austria?

Hi! We're going to Austria this December for my husband's job and I was wondering how much is a cost of living in Austria. Can you please give me an idea of the cost like food, accommodation, internet, and such? Thank you so much for your help!.

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I am researching moving to Austria & have found this site to be helpful, assuming it's decently accurate:

Rent depends on size, location and local transport. On average I'd say €1000 per month but it may be inclusive of utility bills. Water and electricity are fairly cheap compared with the Uk. Service charges (mine includes water) is around 80€ per quarter
Supermarket food is more expensive. If you're from the uk expect to pay at least one third extra. A pack of 3 bell peppers range from 1.50 to 3 euros. Tinned food is at least double what you may expect. A tin of beans costs around 1euro.
Internet is pretty much the same as anywhere but don't expect the fastest speeds or the most reliable connections.
Eating out is pretty much the same as anywhere in europe. Approx 20 euros for a 2 course meal plus drinks.
Public transportation is cheap. Buying a car is expensive. Insurance for the car is borderline criminal for full cover. Petrol is cheaper than uk but nearly double that of usa.

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