Telex Visa processing time? Can we correct an error?

How long is the processing of a Telex Visa?
How long does it take to correct an error in your telex?

I'm told a telex visa can take a maximum of four days, but I only waited two days.
I have no clue on correction, but they could well take longer as documents will probably have to be checked again.

A Telex Visa can take even longer these days.

What kind of Telex Visa you are talking about.....Business Visa, spouse sponsored, company sponsored perhaps retirement?

Where is the destination of the Telex Visa, which consulate/embassy?

@happyhour it's for work

I need the Telex to apply for a limited stay visa.

Does it state in the telex your specific work? like if you will work there as an engineer, architect etc.

The Telex will be sent to Singapore.

....In Manila not in Singapore

By the way I got the Telex already.

So all is good now..... :cool:

How long did it take for you to get the Telex?

happyhour :

So all is good now..... :cool:

How long did it take for you to get the Telex?

3-4 days after correcting the error. But processing my telex takes a long time.

Since I will be applying for my visa at the embassy, could you please clarify things for me.

One of the requirements in the embassy when applying for a working visa (limited stay visa) is the working contract. My contract is for 1 year, however, I noticed that in my Telex, my length of stay is for 4 months only.

The length of stay in the Telex and the number of years in the contract should match when applying for a working visa?

By the way there is also a letter from the sponsor (one of the requirements also)  requesting the embassy to grant me a working visa for 4 months.

Thank you so much if you can answer my queries.

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