returning to Canada after 10 years abroad

HI everyone.  I need some information and have been searching the Canadian Gov's websites for hours now but to no avail.   I'm a born and raised Canadian citizen (PEI) who has been living and working in Europe for about 10 years now, with the exception of a four month stay in Ontario in 2010.   I am faced with the eventual possibility of having to return to Canada for health reasons and need to know if any of you can help me out with the following information:  Do any of you know of any agencies who provide assistance with finding an apartment, room, etc. for someone who has no job or home to return to and very little money.   I know there are some, but I have no idea who they are.  I always worked and paid my taxes when I lived in Canada and never used any form of social services but had a horrible time in 2010 trying to resettle in Ontario, which by the way amounted to nothing and me leaving the country again for Europe. That experience burned me and I got the impression that Canada hates expats.   I hope I'm wrong about this and would love to hear some encouraging and up-building experiences from any of you who went through this ordeal.  And I will be eternally grateful for any information about assistance programs, agencies and/or charities who might be able to help.  Thanks and thanks and thanks.


I was wondering, did you hear anything about this? How was your move to Canada?

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