Play dates for children around Pereybere?

Hi! We are moving to Pereybere in the next four months. We have a lovely 3 and 1 year old kiddies and wondering if there are any play dates organised by the mums in the area? would be lovely to meet families like us and get the children together. :)

We are moving there too in January and have one 3 year old and one 1 year old so will definitely be in touch when we land. Good luck with the move!

Hi, I'm living in Trou aux Biches since April. I would love to get together for play dates! My son is 18 moths old.

When you arrive, do get in touch!

HI Annie,

Sounds great, definitely will do. How long you in Mauritius for?


Sorry for my late reply! We will hopefully be here forever... My husband is Mauritian and the plan is to stay here. How about you?


Anybody with older kids ? Mine are 9 ( daughter ) and 12 ( son )
We are planning to move in 2017.
Which schools are your kids at ?
Thanks regards Cara

Hey Babsi,

I know of a local nursery/primary-school and can attempt putting you in touch with them to see if they arrange play-dates of any sort (perhaps it might also help if you wish to get your older one into the nursery).

They are situated in Pereybere as well.

You can PM me (for more info).

Hi Babsi,

I know this is a year out regarding this thread but I'm moving from London to Pereybere in a few weeks (Jan 18) and I noticed you mentioned had a 3 y/o last year. Our daugther is 4 years old and I think she's starting to think she gonna have no friends when we move even though she's starting school soon after we arrive. If play dates are still happening, we would love to join in if possible. I'm guessing, you are a complete local now after being there for over a year.



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